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Photography and Motorbiking

I seldom take my camera with me when I go riding. Firstly, it is an expensive hobby which I have many. Breaking my camera would not be a pleasant experience. As my riding improved over time, I felt more comfortable about taking it with me. The second annoyance with taking the camera is the constant faffing that one has to endure.

Nevertheless, I decided to take the camera with me during the Naxos rally this year (2019). Am I glad I took it?! I have Max ( to thank for the encouragement. These are the results of my laour. I really should have taken more photos; there were a lot more to capture. I have already spoken to Efthymis about it. Until then, I will be working on my workflow, finding the right rucksack/luggage solution to carry the camera (and the drone! yikes). Wish me luck!

Here is the full gallery:

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